PAULA LISHMAN Brown Knitted Beaver Fur coat mandarin collar PLUS SIZE

$ 3,300.00


Super Super Super DUPER LIGHT! 

Boasts a subtle Mandarin Collar 

Paula Lishman Brown DOUBLE KNIT Knitted Beaver Coat 
As you know Paula Lishman is retiring and will not be producing her signature lightweight machine washable awesome woven knit beaver fur jackets 
Coat is extremely Roomie! 
Totally Cool and unique woven knit 
Coat is a roomy even at a MEDIUM 
Paula Lishman color is Called Ombre Walnut 
Style #645 
The Paula Lishman look combines elegance and flare with functionality.
Every garment manufactured at Paula Lishman International is fabricated by experienced artisans using Paula’s exclusive methods to create fur yarn and turn it into designs of the highest quality.
Sheared beaver is the fur of choice for most of Paula's knits due to its silky softness.
Each piece has luxurious fur inside and out.
Made in Canada  
Length 34" 
Sleeve 33" 
Cross Back 25" 
Miller  5' 7" 
Dress Size 6  

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