All MEN are MAD ! Furs excavated from the 1950's and 1960's

1960's Vintage Retro Dyed White Mink Fur with Fox Tuxedo Collar Trim

$ 749.00


The fur is in INSANELY INSANE MINT Vintage Fur condition 
Beautifully Dyed White Mink 
Fox Fur Tuxedo Collar Trim 
Tuxedo Collar 
Coat  is a TRUE small in true 60's early 70's fashion this garment is a true small as garments were cut smaller years ago
The Sleeves are shorter 
Cross back is quite small 
Monogrammed in Script initials "M" "J" "E" 
Lining also in Mint Condition 
Banded Sleeve
Length 28" 
Cross Back 20" 
Sleeve 28"
Miller 5 7"/Dress Size 6 

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