FUR..If It's Good Enough FUR Anna...It's Good Enough FUR US!!

Allison Bucheleres

Anna Wintour IS Fashion ...therefore FUR is Fashion! 

Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue is the Reigning Queen of fashion with taste even finer, as she frequently incorporates luscious luxurious FUR as 

For as long as anyone can remember Anna Wintour has made fur pieces her own fashion statement! 

Fur is taking the runways!  It is the perfect time to invest in yourself with the Vintage Fur runway look you've been longing for!

BareFur is here to help you find the FURFECT vintage pieces to add to any outfit.  

Be the most fashionable, stylish human anywhere you go by donning our recycled, vintage and gently loved retro fur from all the coolest decades past. 

We like ...TOTALLY BOW!!

One of our vintage fur wearing own at BareFur had the privilege of attending the Met Ball in May. Miller was surrounded by all the latest in high fashion, including many new fur fashion trends.  

The emergence of colored furs is raging back into style.  

Colored fur is EVERYTHING for Spring, as temperatures can still be cooler at night fall, with all the fun, vibrant colors of Spring! And although RiRi was absent at this years Met Gala, she took to Instagram a photo from last years event where she rocked the AMAZING  canary yellow Guo Pei dress.



Wintour says "Fur is part of I'm going to wear it!"  Take a look at Anna rocking fur from all different time periods. 

And, remember...If it's good enough for's good enough for us SO shop the BareFur collection at to get your fur today!






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