Save the Earth & Your Soul with Vintage Fur !

Allison Bucheleres

The vintage fur or new fur you purchase today could very well be recycled and worn on your "own" heartfelt for  generations to come and worn by your great granddaughter or great grandson. 

Unlike synthetic fur, REAL animal fur is a biodegradable,renewable, fabulously recycled, "earth day " friendly resource.

Synthetic fur (also known as faux fur) may not be the better choice after all...

Synthetic furs are generally made from petroleum, non-renewable resources, that are inconsistent with our environments' natural decomposition processes.  

Disposal of fast clothing and faux fur are detrimental to our environment filling landfills, with out hope of decomposition.

While the fur industry is admirably based and dedicated to renewable recyclable resources and sustainable use.

The fur industry NEVER utilizes furs from endangered species and is regulated by very strict regulations per state.

Once purchased, your new or gently loved vintage mint conditioned fur can last you 20-30 years of wear and warmly handed down caring for 2 to 3 generations. 

Purchase a vintage recycled fur from BareFur WITHOUT the guilt!! 



HEY YOU!! Ms.Sass & Class

RUN your OWN DYNASTY Boss Babes In our 1980's Vintage Mink & Fox Fur coats just like Krystle Carrington who is as REAL to us as Linda Evans !



 We got you Babes & Style Icons

Be as Original as Cher in this stunning 1970's vintage horizontal blue fox leather "zip off" full length fur coat!



At BareFur we say "diamonds AND FUR are a girl's best friend "

Be like ALL of your BEST friends and the WORLD's ICON of sexy Marilyn Monroe....MORE is MORE ...wear Diamonds and Vintage Fur!! 


 Be an Angel & look as Fabulous as Farrah in a 1970's wing collar vintage Mink fur! 

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  • Allison …YOU ROCK CHIC!!! You have done a beautiful job at showcasing these awesome vintage furs.


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