FUR..If It's Good Enough FUR Anna...It's Good Enough FUR US!!

Allison Bucheleres

Anna Wintour IS Fashion ...therefore FUR is Fashion!  Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue is the Reigning Queen of fashion with taste even finer, as she frequently incorporates luscious luxurious FUR as  For as long as anyone can remember Anna Wintour has made fur pieces her own fashion statement!  Fur is taking the runways!  It is the perfect time to invest in yourself with the Vintage Fur runway look you've been longing for! BareFur is here to help you find the FURFECT vintage pieces to add to any outfit.   Be the most fashionable, stylish human anywhere you go by...

Save the Earth & Your Soul with Vintage Fur !

Allison Bucheleres

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The vintage fur or new fur you purchase today could very well be recycled and worn on your "own" heartfelt for  generations to come and worn by your great granddaughter or great grandson.  Unlike synthetic fur, REAL animal fur is a biodegradable,renewable, fabulously recycled, "earth day " friendly resource. Synthetic fur (also known as faux fur) may not be the better choice after all... Synthetic furs are generally made from petroleum, non-renewable resources, that are inconsistent with our environments' natural decomposition processes.   Disposal of fast clothing and faux fur are detrimental to our environment filling landfills, with out hope of decomposition. While the...